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Metropolitana di Roma

Pubblicato da Alessandro Voltolina in 15 marzo 2012
  1. 07/15/2013

    A completely different alphabet that bears no resemblance to either Latin or Cyrillic – which, for all their
    differences, are still close enough for the users of
    one to have little difficulty absorbing the other
    – and the letters look similar to the Western eye, so some practice will be needed
    before even the basic alphabet can be mastered. Interpreters
    listen as a person gives a speech or talks, and then converts what
    they say into the audience’s native language. It goes without saying that not all of these can be relied on to provide reliable translations.

  2. 07/29/2013

    Can you picture that?

  3. 08/5/2013

    It’s a genuine cure for infertility concerns.


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